技術方案簡介: 射頻等離子體,具有能量密度高、加熱強度大、等離子體弧的體積大,由于沒有電極,不會因電極蒸發而污染產品。 射頻等離子體粉末球化技術原理,是在高頻電源作用下,惰性氣體(如氬氣)被電離,形成穩定的高溫惰性氣體等離子體;形狀不規則的原料粉末用運載氣體(氮氣)經送粉器噴入等離子炬中,粉末 顆粒在高溫等離子體中吸收大量的熱,表面迅速熔化;并以極高的速度進入反應器,在惰性氣氛下快速冷卻,在表面張力的作用下,冷卻





Application and Principles

Radiofrequency plasma possesses high energy density, strong heating strength, and its plasma arc is huge. Due to no electrodes available, it can not generate polluting products caused by electrode vaporing.

The principle of radio-frequency plasma powder balling technology refers to that inert gas (like argon) is ionized under the effect of high-frequency power supply and formed as hot inert-gas plasma; and the irregular raw powder is sprayed by vector gas (nitrogen) into the plasma through powder feeding device, and these powder particles absorb large amount of heat in hot plasma and their surfaces are melted rapidly; then these melted powder are sent into reaction device by extremely high speed, and chilled down under inert gas environment. Consequently, they are cooled down and solidified into spherical powder by surface tension; furthermore, they are sent into material gathering room and are gathered.






Superiorities and Features

1. Heating temperature is high, cooling speed is fast, and no electrode pollution is produced;

2. Reaction materials are dynamically dispersed in plasma, in this way it can avoid the accumulation and growth of powders, and it is applied to melting and balling of powder particles;

3. It is applied to preparation of hard-melted metal and oxide powders in high temperature, such as W, Mo, Ti, W, WC, Al2O3, silicon oxide, zirconia and so on;

4. The shape of powder is regular, its balling rate is high, the surface is bright and clean, and also has good flow-ability; The compactness and accumulation density of powder are increased.



Major Technical Index

Relevant technical index maintains the most advanced level in this field; Please contact us if need detailed technology files.










Core Module Structure Technology

Radiofrequency plasma balling powder producing equipment is constructed with following seven components and peripheral components:

1. Radio-frequency plasma torch;

2. Radio-frequency plasma power supply;

3. Gas supplying and powder feeding system;

4. Reaction room and collection room, frame as well;

5. Vacuum pumping system;

6. Electric controlling and measuring system;

7. Cooling water machine unit.



Radio-frequency plasma:

It is the core key technology of the entire equipment, possessing proprietary intellectual property right. And it applies ceramic constraining pipe and divergent nozzles, allowing its performances under inert gas, reduction and oxidation environment.



High-frequency plasma power supply:

   Power 100KW, frequency 3.0±0.5MHz.



Gas sending and powder feeding system:

Powder feeding device adopts an imported product made by Canadian TEKNA Company, and it sends powder material into plasma torch. The diameters of sent powder particles are 10-200μm; on the other hand, gas supplying system applies precise float flowmeter (4 road), providing working gas (argon) for the torch. Reaction room, gathering room and frame: reaction room and gathering room utilize double-layer water cooling structure, and they are made of stainless steel, entirely adopting vacuum sealing pattern; the frame is spray-painted by carbon steel, partial materials are aluminum alloy which are strong, hard, steady and safe.



Air pumping system:

It is equipped with water-circulating vacuum pump + mechanical pump + lobe pump + regulating valve + pipes + corrugated bellows, and switched to maintain required loading voltage for booting the system its operation. Extreme vacuum is 8 x 10-2Pa.





Electric controlling and measuring system:

 Temperature and pressure measurement, regulation on filter back flushing, powder sending control, and gas flow.

Industrial cooling water machine unit:

 30P, adopting air cooling pattern and providing clean cooling water for power supply and plasma torch.